Research & Development

SGB focus has been industry centric; steered by technical competence, and catering to domestic markets in the Indian sub continent, the company has spotlighted development of industrial and allied solutions (with reference to lime) to achieve greater cost efficiency in production processes. Lime and Limestone, key company offerings, are indeed pegged as integral to industry’s survival. Hence the effort has been to customise concentrations of lime such that each and every industrial segment finds it the best-cost raw material.


Recent forays of research include

- Deriving SGB Pride 96 ± 1% Hydrated Lime for manufacturing of import substitute calcium and metallic Hydroxides in order to plummet production cost substantially

- Customizing low silica Hydrated Lime for alkali based lubricants industry enabling clients to upgrade product quality to match global standards.

SGB Pride' 96 ± 1 % Calcium Hydroxide with still less impurities is the latest feather in our cap. It has been produced for the first time in the country and the product has been immensely welcomed by Pharma, Food and many affluent treatment industries.

We manufacture Hydrated Lime 'SGBL Pearl' +94%, an extraordinary import substitute, which has improved the quality of products of our customers in respect of high purity, super whiteness, high yield, less sludge formation, low acid consumption to prepare quality calcium based chemicals and also economical in price.